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Alexandra Nedzvetskaya

Born 1981, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

1999 – graduated from Ioganson's art college at I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

2000 – Entered I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture,  studio of easel painting.

2006 — graduated I.E. Repin Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture,  studio of easel painting.



2001— group exposition of student works, Pushkinskiye Gory, Russia

2003 — group exposition at "Avant-guard" Art gallery, London, UK.

2004 — group exposition "Autumn" Exposition hall of Saint-Petersburg Union of Artists

2004-2006 — group exposition of best study drawings, Repin's Institute exposition hall, SPb, Russia

2007 — group exposition of "Academy of Arts" Foundation in World Art Center Delft, The Netherlands

2008 — group exposition "World wide kitsch", Munich, Germany

2009 — Postgraduate exhibition, Saint-Petersburg. I.E. Repin' Institute.  Study exhibition hall




*Please, email us to get detailed information about available paintings and their prices


“Queen chess”

90x95 cm, oil on canvas


“Sleeping beauty”

140x130 cm, oil on canvas

"Sovereign of butterflies"

85x50 cm, oil on canvas


original portrait oil paintings

“Autumn melody”

120x85 cm, oil on canvas


105x65 cm, oil on canvas


100x70 cm, oil on canvas


“Magic wind”

80x120 cm, oil on canvas


“The things”

45x90 cm, oil on canvas

original oil painting


90x120 cm, oil on canvas


The theft of Europe

"The theft of Europe"

85x90 cm, oil on canvas*


85x80 cm, oil on canvas*

“Margaret. The Walpurgis Night”

100x110 cm, oil on canvas*


“Wonderful day”

65x70 cm, oil on canvas

“Halcyon autumn”

60x75 cm, oil on canvas

“Russian doll”

105x110 cm, oil on canvas


"Portrait of Ira Melikhova"

100x80 cm, oil on canvas


90x100 cm, oil on canvas

“Konstantin. Portrait in dark colours” 170x80 cm, oil on canvas



photo realistic portrait oil canvas


95x80 cm, oil on canvas


"A house"

60x60 cm, oil on canvas

"Portrait of a young man in historical dress"

90x75 cm, oil on canvas



"Hamlet and Ofelia"

80x90 cm, oil on canvas *



“Study model”

90x85 cm, oil on canvas


130x110 cm, oil on canvas



“Self-portait in studio”

95x85 cm, oil on canvas



100õ95 cm, oil on canvas

“Last rays”

55x60 cm, oil on canvas


“Old bridge. Evening”

70x55 cm, oil on canvas


“Small bridge”

40x25 cm, oil on canvas

“Evening shadows”

45x60 cm, oil on canvas


“Old house”

35x40 cm, oil on canvas


25x30 cm, oil on canvas



55x65 cm, oil on canvas


“White church”

40x45 cm, oil on canvas


“St. Prokopiy Church”

40x60 cm, oil on canvas

“Pond in Trigorskoye”

50x60 cm, oil on canvas



160x140 cm, sepia on paper




70x60 cm, pencil on paper

“Sitting model”

100x60 cm, oil on canvas


“Alexander Blok”

from series "Poets of  S.Petersburg"

45x90 cm, oil on canvas


“Anna Akhmatova”

from series "Poets of  S.Petersburg"

47x82 cm, oil on canvas


80x45 cm, oil on canvas



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Dr. Linjie Chou
Please quote the price for "Hamlet and
Ann-Marie Broome
Hello, I am interested in your painting
"MagicWind." Is it still available and what is the
price?Thank you for this information, Ann-marie

Dear Ann-Marie,Please, contact us by email to get more information

Her collection is fantastic so moving and

These are sensational!

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